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Make It Fun!

Homework does not have to be boring. Students and parents can make studying more fun by turning it into a game. Often, study questions for tests work great for games like Jeopardy. Even basic board games can be modified for schoolwork. Instead of answering a trivia question or rolling a dice, students can answer a question from their study guide before they take their next turn.

  • Create a Workspace

    It is hard to focus when younger siblings are running around and playing games. Students should create a workspace in a quite area where they can actually focus. Any tools that they may need for their work like pens, paper, protractors and calculators should be placed in the same area.

  • Know the Teacher

    Every teacher has specific things that they are looking for. Parents can find out about the teacher's policies by attending school events and finding ways to get involved.

  • Create a Reward System

    It can be difficult to motivate a student to do their work. Rewards like toys, stickers or new books can help inspire motivation. Parents can set up reward systems where the student gets a sticker each time they successfully finish their assignment. After a set number of stickers, students can trade in their reward stickers for a toy or other item.

  • Make a Schedule

    Creating a schedule for assignments helps to make doing schoolwork a habit. Schoolwork should be done at the same time every day, but this time could be in the afternoon or evening depending on when the student is best able to focus.

  • Take Breaks

    No one can focus for hours without taking a break, so students should not have to either. Every 30 minutes to 1 hour, students should take a 5 to 10 minute break. This will give their mind time to relax and refocus on the next task.

  • Set an Example

    Parents should focus on being a good example when it comes to work. If the parent puts off chores or work assignments, it is hard to expect the student to be any different.