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I Can’t Manage My Homework Assignments

A lack of time is a common problem for many students. The problem is that students cannot manage their time in the most effective way and often waste it on useless things. Here are some ideas on how to plan your learning process.

Planning Time

  • Count the hours.
  • Count how many hours it takes to do your assignments every day. You may have some extra activities to do. It means some days you will have less or more time for homework.

  • Use your mornings.
  • Sometimes in the evening you may be too tired to think properly. In this case you can get up one or two hours earlier and do things you didn’t finish yesterday.

  • Consider your travel time.
  • While you’re on your way to college, or any other place, try to do some of your homework. If you are able to concentrate on public transport, it is a chance to take advantage of this time.

  • Do not waste your time.
  • Hanging around with friends or watching TV will not add free time for your learning tasks.

  • Use free periods.
  • Remember that your free periods are not for hanging out with your friends and relaxing, but for work and study.

  • Work on Fridays.
  • It is a big mistake to leave all the tasks for Sunday evening. Better to do everything on Friday and enjoy your weekend.

Place and Needs for Homework

  • Select your environment carefully.
  • You will not achieve fruitful results in a room full of different noises. The best place is your own bedroom or a study where you can concentrate in absolute silence.

  • Check your stationery and books.
  • Before doing your homework, make sure you have everything you need on your desk.

Homework Schedule

  • Make a list of all your activities for a day.
  • You will see when exactly you have more spare time. You may use this time to do homework for other days.

  • Write down your tasks accurately.
  • If you know exactly what to do, you will plan your time more effectively.

Do Your Homework

  • Prioritize the tasks.
  • Do the tasks that have the earliest deadlines.

  • Use breaks.
  • Take a ten-minute break each hour and you will not be frustrated or tired.

  • Stick with the schedule.
  • Work according to your schedule. Why make a plan, if you are not going to follow it?

  • Avoid procrastination.
  • Do not delay things. Remember that the best time to do your homework assignments is right now.

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